Random RPG City Map Generator

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***Now completely free to use - grab it off my artstation for the latest version (fixes a few bugs)

A random city map generator, ideal for tabletop RPG world building. Plenty of options and tools to make your map your own, complete with wear and grunge tools to add life and story into your maps.

This tool requires Substance Player, a free, easy to use software available from Allegorithmic's site here: https://www.allegorithmic.com/products/substance-player

Product contains a readme to help with using the software.

The free version contains all features but custom map inputs.

Please try the free version first to see if you like it before buying the premium!


- Randomisation at the click of a button, or control individual aspects randomly like rivers, districts, and wear and tear to suit your needs

- Turn almost any feature on and off if you don't like it

- 'Artistic' Mode to switch between a clean, easy to read map, and a worn, aged version for prop purposes

- Controls for colouring most every aspect of your map

- Control the level of wear and damage to your map

- Customisable Distance Legend

- Customisable Height Map to identify high and low areas

- Customisable City Districts: How large will your districts be?

- Controls for Rivers: Change the width, flow, and number

- Use different City Layout types with various controls: Do you want a sprawling, organic city? Or a centralised main mass?

- Controls for building variations

- Scale your city: Do you want small, recently formed hubs or vast bustling metropolis'?

Extra Features (Now Free):

- Custom map inputs

- Import your own custom maps to add a more individual touch. Draw where rivers will flow, outline the boundaries of your districts, mark down the base layout of your city, even import your own premade maps or images to use with the wear and grunge tools! (Refer to example images)

- *Custom maps limited to square images, any other size will stretch to fit

- Gain access to the Substance Designer Graph used to take a peek at the process

- Get a warm fuzzy feeling for supporting an artist!

Link to my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/marcus-johnston

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Random RPG City Map Generator

7 ratings
I want this!